Stack 9 - August 1st, 2019

Multiple queries per item & item annotations

Assign different query threads to different users for any one item; open and close them independently; track the number and status of queries on an item-by-item basis; and track queries study-wide with a unique ID.

In addition, capture notes (as distinct from queries) for any item.

View all queries for an item

Respond to a query

Add a new query


Query icons show status and indicate when there are multiple open queries (shadow) and annotations (small ‘i’ in circle)


Hard required and hard edit checks

This new feature supplements the existing “soft” edit checks and allow forms to be configured to prevent invalid data entry in specified items. An item with hard required or hard edit checks prevents the user from continuing form data entry if a specified element of input is missing or in violation of a constraint.

Hard edit check popup after an invalid value was entered

Hard required (left) and soft required (right)


OpenClinica Participate

Participant name, email, and phone capture in form

Capture participant name, phone number, and email address in any form with a reserved name that masks this information to every user outside of the site.




SMS messaging for participants 

Customize the content and automate the sending of text messages to ePRO participants.

Sample screenshot of a mobile message when participant, Renuka, is invited to the study


Reset participant access code

Regenerate access code for ePRO participants in case of any misuse or mishandling of participant access code.

Invite modal window has been updated to allow users to reset participant’s access code as and when needed:

Participant ID in a notification message 

Add participant ID value within the notificationAction rule for users to inform them about the relevant participant.

Sample screenshot of Notification Action with all available variable names listed

 Expanded REST API capabilities

Create and update event

Create a study event or modify the start date, end date or status of a study event repeat for a given site participant, through web services. Note: Study event cannot be Signed using the REST API. 

Bulk create, and update events

Bulk register Participants for Participate forms

Create hundreds of events or modify their start date, end date or status, for one or more participants, through a single upload via web services. Note: Study event cannot be Signed using the REST API.

Link to a short video tutorial on using the Bulk register webservice:


New randomization service is triggered as needed based on updates to Participant data to accomodate large studies with low randomization latency.

SAML SSO Support

Contact us if you’d like to integrate with your SAML SSO provider. (Does not support e-signatures.)






Optimized Study Build System UI and Workflow

Improved status display. Show/Hide Go button based on user access and study status.

Fixes and enhancement

From unexpected behaviors to unduly slow processes, we’re correcting anything that’s not optimal.