Stack 10 - Scheduled Release: October 30, 2019

Custom Column Configuration for the Participant Matrix and Queries Table

The new Table Design feature in Study Designer allows Data Manager users to configure additional columns to be displayed in the Participant Matrix and Queries Table. Select items from non-repeating Forms to appear on each table and remove or reorder columns as needed. 

 Access Table Design from Study Designer

Select Form items to appear as new columns on Participant Matrix and/or Queries Table

Example of Participant Matrix with custom columns for Age Cohort and Treatment Arm

Example of Query Table with custom column for Treatment Arm


Item descriptions

You can now add Long and/or Short Descriptions for items in your form. These are represented as additional columns in the Form Template. Short Descriptions are displayed as column headings for any custom columns you add to the new Participant Matrix and/or Queries Table. Short description can have a maximum of 40 characters.

Long Descriptions are for internal use. They appear on the Form Metadata page and are extracted in datasets which incorporate this metadata. This feature could, for example, be used to store the CDASH item definitions. Long descriptions can have up to 3,999 characters. 

Help & Announcements

Updated to a new module to display in-application help and announcements. The orange circle in the bottom right corner of the screen will now be used to provide additional information as needed.



Data Import

Data can now be imported into complete forms. A system defined reason for change is automatically applied. 



Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

This release addresses bugs related to form version migration, error handling for adding a participant, publishing studies, and uploading forms.

It also incorporates performance improvements to optimize form loading.